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If you’re looking for the perfect indoor / outdoor look to your home or garden, this collection of antique urns, statuary and furniture is the perfect place to start.

1930s White Marble Garden Table

This vintage, early 20th century marble garden table dates back to 1930’s France and would have been originally used as a florists stand, the original castors that helped to transport this beautiful table from place to place are still functioning. This intricately designed table has a painted white iron base with scrolling legs and decorative mounts. The elegant white marble top makes this table ideal for use both outdoors and inside, and would make a lovely garden table, perfect for entertaining in the summer!

PWL 21.04.30 – IMG_7918 Antique
19th Century French Cast Iron Urns

This pair of exquisite antique, 19th century French cast iron garden urns have a unique patina developed over the years, giving this pair of antique planters such a depth of character, with shades of turquoise and red coming through the paintwork. These well designed, unique antique garden planters are perfect for use both outdoors and even as exuberant interior planters for the home. Sold as a pair.

Andrew Handyside Cast Iron Urns

These exquisite and rare antique cast iron garden urns are attributed to the renowned Andrew Handyside of the Britannia Foundry, C.1870. The deep, rust coloured patina developed over the years give this pair of antique urns such a depth of character, with the contrasting delicacy of the leaf motif surrounding the lip of the urns. These well designed, unique garden planters are perfect for use both outdoors and even as exuberant interior planters for the home.

Discobolus Thrower Statue

Mid 20th century version of the famous Discobolus or “discus thrower” The Greek Statue, originally sculpted in bronze depicts a youthful ancient Greek athlete throwing the discus. This majestic stone ornament is ideal for an outdoor courtyard or a feature garden piece. We also have a Discobolus available mounted onto a column.


Pair of British Bulldog Statues

A fantastically characterful pair of British bulldog statues, excellent companions for any dog lovers.

Sold as a pair, this stone duo will only get better with time when faced with the elements. Perfect for either side of a pathway or to frame a door.